Lightroom CC Mobile Presets

PNG Tutorial

Professional Lightroom CC Mobile Presets: Lightroom CC Mobile Presets contains perfect high quality effect and image will be looks better and beautiful. These presets were tested and adjusted to give good results for a wide variety of images.


Why Professional Lightroom CC Mobile Presets: The Importance of Great Editing: Our Lightroom Preset are guaranteed to give you gorgeous edits. Our Products are Natural & Professional. We pride ourselves on creating tools that complement the photograph.


Designed to Create Mood: Our Lightroom Presets are specifically designed to create a certain tone and style within your images. With the click of a button, you can have a stylized image that evokes an emotional response from viewers.


Tested and Trialed: Lightroom Preset have been tested on a variety of images, all with unique lighting situations, colors, etc. They are versatile and are suited for any image.

Save Time & Have Fun with Professional Lightroom Presets!



  • Smart adjustments and professional results
  • Includes simple help file, with a few tips.
  • Enhance your images with just one click!

HOW TO USE THESE PRESETS: Due to the nature of the wide variety on individual shooting styles, camera types and camera settings, these presets will behave differently on different photos. The best way to utilize these presets is to use them as a STARTING POINT for your photography workflow and to develop your own post-processing style. Here are some handy instructions for using them:

  1. First of all you will download this zip file from here –DOWNLOAD
  2. Simply extract the file anywhere you want
  3. Then the file is extracted open your lightroom cc app
  4.  and then click on Import button or Add photo
  5.  Then import all the PNG format file you are downloaded
  6.  and then open your Preset file go to more option and copy settings and then open your photo and simply pasted on your photo
  7.  If you want more colour correction more toning on your photo  you can also use tools for colour correction and basic edit   that’s it

Some screenshots I provided you to better knowledge and I also make tutorial of this process so please visit my YouTube channel RK TIPS AND TRICKS for more better knowledge the link is given below you can also check my video



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