Joker Concept Photo Editing Tutorial in PicsArt


Hello friends today I will teach you how to do Joker Concept Photo Editing from PicsArt. Now Joker Concept Photo Editing loading is on social-media-viral and trending. Today I will teach you how to do Joker Concept Editing, especially for you today. Today, I will teach you this Joker Photo Editing.

First of all, you will need to download all the Joker Editing pngs. which is given below.

  • First, you need to insert the original model photo into your Lightroom app because you need to retouch the photo first to have your Black and White background.
  • Then you have to first adjust the photographer light by going to the light option.
  • In the third step, you have to go to Lightroom’s Color Tools and there is a Mix tool option inside it. You have to retouch the photo, which means that the color grading effect should be given to Black and White
  • Then, by retouching, you can save the photo by clicking on the three dots.
  • After saving you will take the photo in PicsArt.
  • Then you will use PNGs that I have given the zip folder link to download fast then use PNGs as I have used.
  • After using the PNGs you have to do hair color for using draw tools.
  • Here your photo will be edited and ready

You have to click this red download button below to download Ping’s Zip folder.

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If you do not understand this article, then you can understand from my channel’s video, I have explained it in full detail in Hindi. You will get the video of this tutorial below U CAN ALSO SUBSCRIBE MY CHANNEL

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